Open milk cooling tanks with ice water cooling

The Packo open bulk milk cooler, type OM/IB with an integrated ice builder, uses ice water to cool the milk.  This accelerates cooling by 50 % compared to a standard direct expansion system, without any risk of freezing the milk.

Packo has been developing and improving this technology and is the world leader in ice bank systems.  The ice bank stores a reserve of ice, which means that the cooling units don’t need to be switched on during milking. This results in a lower power consumption and in an ice reserve in the event of power fluctuations.  The ice water cools the milk without risk of freezing even with small amounts of milk inside the cooling tank.

Thanks to “smart metering” the ice water can be produced at the cheapest electricity rates.


Product range OM/IB: 600 L to 2300 L

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