Packo cleaning

Horizontal tanks - ROTOJET system

  • Unique rotating spraying system
  • Spray ball(s) integrated in agitator blade, centrally located
  • Foreseen with grooves => no blockage possible
  • The bigger the tank, the more ROTOJETs are mounted
  • Turns with agitator motor => less pressure drop => higher flow inside the tank
  • Independent from the water pressure
  • Agitator paddles are electro polished => smoother surface = better cleaning and more resistant against corrosion of acids
  • High impact cleaning pump
  • Filling of water on volume

Vertical tanks

Cleaning of a vertical tank is done by means of 2 rotating industrial spray balls at different level:

  • Filling of wash water via volume
  • Very powerful rotating spraying balls which are standard used in the food industries
  • The spray balls are mounted on a different level
  • Spraying tube not close to the wall, so self-cleaning
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